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General Information:
Year: 2014. 
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person 
Developer: Machine Games 
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Code Disc: NPEB-01789 
Publication Type: Repak 
Language: English\Russian
Voice Language : English
Firmware: CFW 4.21 / 4.30 CFW

Wolfenstein: The New Order - is a revival of the series, which once marked the beginning of the genre of FPS. Developed studio Machine Games, which gathered experienced craftsmen who created not one famous game, Wolfenstein is a combination of a psychological drama with a gripping storyline, adventure and combat system in the first person. 
mastered hitherto unknown Supertehnologiya, Nazi Germany was able to turn the tide of the war and brought to their knees even the most powerful nation. War hero BJ Blaskowitz spent 14 years in a coma, and awoke to find that the yard in 1960, World War II played, and the Nazis rule the world with an iron fist. You will become Blaskowitz - the hero of a lost war and the only person in the world, capable of changing the course of history.
Adventure Shooter: 
Wolfenstein - this crazy racing on the mountain slopes, the descent into the depths of the sea, the battle with the Fuhrer's military robots and more of what constitutes a truly exciting adventure. 
plot and characters: 
Intense battles, crazy plot twists and distinctive characters are fused together in history that will not leave anyone indifferent. 

Alternative History: 
Familiar strangers postwar years - a world where the Nazis won World War II and mangled everything what they could reach. 
Arsenal and opponents: 
In the secret laboratories Reich and armories you will find the latest designs of deadly Toy Fuhrer. Armed with them, you get a chance to cope with giant fighting robots, menacing and assault troops supersoldat Nazis.

Repack Features:
* No Recoded
* Cuted all languages ​​except English and Russian
* Run through the icon in the XMB (no manager)
* Installation is divided into 5xDVD5
* RePacked by Afd 

Installation from Local Disk:
1. Write the file(s) on the disk. 
2. Go to the "Install Package Files" and install the file package
3. Repeat the procedure from step 1-3 with other files. 
4. Run the game through HMV.

Installing from Flash cards:
1. Copy the file (s) to the media. 
2. Insert Flash into the console and go to the Game \ Install Package Files 
3. Select the installation file and press X. 
4. Repeat the procedure from step 1-3 with other files. 
5. Run the game through HMV.

Installation though internal console HDD:
1. Run Multiman on the console. 
2. Choose File Manager. 
3. From there go to the section called console / dev_hdd0
4. Look if the folder where packages (if such a folder does not exist, create it). 
5. Copy the file(s) to the console in the folder / dev_hdd0/packages / via FTP (how to configure FTP look in FAQ). 
6. Go to the "Install Package Files" and install the file Package
7. Repeat the procedure from step 1-3 with other files. 
8. Run the game through HMV.
Wolfenstein The New Order [BestRepack.net]/Wolfenstein The New Order.Afd.NPEB01789.Rus.Install_2.pkg 4.293 GB
Wolfenstein The New Order [BestRepack.net]/Wolfenstein The New Order.Afd.NPEB01789.Rus.Install_4.pkg 4.293 GB
Wolfenstein The New Order [BestRepack.net]/Wolfenstein The New Order.Afd.NPEB01789.Rus.Install_3.pkg 4.286 GB
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