[PC][PS3][VITA] Steins;Gate 0 Full Japanese to English text patch (PC/PS3/VIta)! Verified

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So, we here at Stars My Destination
finally made it.


For people who're interested - all the tools for script
re-insertion were generously provided by RikuKH3! I am a mere
apprentice :) The real hero here is actually not me at

How to proceed - just upload it in your game folder and replace
files. You will get english text (not everywhere, but mostly.
And all assets would be in japanese, unless you replace them using
the other leak).

And now the best - same approach will be used and soon you would be
able to have also PC and PS3 text patch! Yay!

Stay tuned.

Vita patch:
FULL! v1.02

v1.01 - Fixed C2-12828-1 error!
v1.02 - Replaced TIPS with japanese version :( Unless someone
could hack eboot it will be this way...

PC/PS3 patch:

FULL! v1.00

v1.00 - Cover all text. Made by RikuKH3!

INCLUDES english system.mpk (all system messages/settings),
never working before! Please be aware it tells you to press X
instead of O, do NOT be confused! I will see how we will proceed -
or replace corresponding images, or patching eboot - depends what
is easier!

How to install:

1. You should have a japanese version of S;G0 on your Vita
2. You should have a Henkaku installed (e.g. to be on
3.60), but as we're on Vita Piracy, I assume you have
3. Connect using VitaShell or MolecularShell via FTP, navigate to
ux0:/app/PCSG00673, you should see there USRDIR folder, eboot.bin
and other folders
4. Simply Unpack full patch (mentioned above) into this
folder, replacing existing files. And you're done! (If your
ftp client does not allow to directly unpack on FTP - unpack it in
some separate folder and after upload!)
5. (Optional) Upload (with replace) files
END01.mp4, END02.mp4, END03.mp4, END04.mp4, BG.mpk using
instructions below! This will give you translated video endings and
14 translated BG.

I do not mind if someone create a full VPK with the game, but
please wait for me to get a response from players to understand
that all works!

Side note - to get FULLY translated game you now lack only 14
background images and 4 video files. Here what you should do to get

1. Go here and download full game assets

2. Just replace END01.mp4, END02.mp4, END03.mp4, END04.mp4 in
USRDIR/movie folder and bg.mpk in USRDIR folder.

That's all, folks!
SG0 Full Patch 1.02 by Presteign and RikuKH3.7z 16.204 MB
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